Advanced Prayer Strategy Workshop

Knowledge Is Powerful, Especially When It Leads You To The Freedom You Have Been Praying For. This workshop will provide you with answers and a way to get those answers working in your life.

What you'll get:

  • The Mechanics of how the kingdom of darkness functions and how you can use the courts of heaven to stop any actions they deploy
  • The Main Issues like generational curses and blood oaths, generational trauma and sickness and more, are dealt with in simple yet effective way.
  • You'll have decades old questions answered, and a way to resolve longterm issues and problems, even problems you've struggled with all of your life.
  • Lifetime access to all the sessions - over 5 hours of training, kind of like a conference in your living room, and you provide the worship team. :)
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios so you can take the teaching with you when you don't want to burn through your data plan on your phone.
  • Downloadable PDF Slides which contain all the notes of the training.

It's wise to access the right kind of information to resolve the types of issues you are facing.

$57.00 USD

Upgrade Your Order And Get The How To Do Spiritual Warfare Digital Book And Audio Book Bundle For ONLY $15 USD

  • Learn the power behind Isaiah 54:17a “No weapon made will prevail against you. In court you will refute every accusation…” (CJB) and how you can win the battle every time.
  • How things like back lash, counter attacks, and all you-know-what-breaking-loose can become a thing of the past.
  • How the adversary does not have any of his own power but uses derived power, it's the legal reason why the courts of heaven are the way to combat him.
  • How to know if you are being attacked and the 3 things to do about it - once upon a time in the Bible this exact thing happened and you can win the same way they did.
  • Why spiritual warfare is a legal issue FIRST - BEFORE you ever hit the battle field
  • And more!

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