If You Continue To Struggle With The Fallout Of Dysfunctional or Negative Life Events From Your Past, And You Want To Finally Feel Free, Secure, And Confident In Your Heart, Then This Workshop Will Help You With Get There.


You May Be Your Own Worst Enemy By How You Treat Yourself In Your Own Thoughts And In Your Own Heart

Take This Short Quiz And Answer Yes, No, or Often To Each Statement In Your Own Mind:

  1. You are hard on yourself for no good reason. 
  2. You put yourself down in your own thoughts.
  3. You judge, criticize, and condemn your self.
  4. You are mean to your self.
  5. You feel like you cannot do anything right.
  6. You treat other people way better than you treat yourself.
  7. You suffer from the fear of rejection.
  8. You have a hard time feeling the love of God.
  9. You have asked yourself, "Why is this so hard?"

If you have answered YES or OFTEN to three or more of these statements, then what you want to pursue is a more productive way of relating to yourself. 

You want to relate to yourself from God's point of view. He thinks you are wonderful by the way. Can you handle that?

This workshop is all about transformation. When you engage with God in the way that we teach in this workshop, your entire perspective changes from that internal point of transformation. It's from there that all other transformations in your life will happen.

You'll experience that illusive "BREAKTHROUGH" that you've heard talked about again and again but has eluded you up to this time. Why? Because you may have been trying to obtain breakthrough on a performance basis rather than a state of being basis.

We take you into the state of being with God.

When you learn to live from that state, the desires of your heart are released, and you'll walk in a greater degree of significance and meaning.

This is what you'll discover in The God First Process Workshop.


In This Workshop You Will Engage With 4 Key Concepts That Have Power To Transform Your Heart


What are you worth to God standing still breathing air? This is what we explore in the first session to create a baseline for transformation in your heart.


When you understand how God has wired you, you'll find the keys to unlock breakthrough in many areas of your life.


The process is simple but profound in its application. You'll be given the key of living in a conscious awareness of the love of God.


There are three parts to idea integration into your life. This session will provide you with the framework to transform how you think and feel about yourself.

Student Comments 

M.V Ontario Canada

I have taken the school lessons, I have done 4 or 5 salvation challenges, loved all of it. but the first lesson of God First is what I have so needed. I am 72, been saved since a child, raised in church. I was taught that I was a filthy sinner, and yes I was.  Jesus blood was shed for me so I can go to heaven. But I thought ALL I was, was a filthy sinner.  God First lesson 1 has shown me who I am.  I am His daughter. He wanted me.  He didnt just save me cause He is so wonderful, He wants me. He created me because He wants me and loves me.  Underneath the dirt and muck of my sin and brokenness is a diamond of great value. I had no idea. I thought I was worthless garbage. that was my identity.  Tonight I have begun to realize I am valuable to God.  My parents didnt love me. I can forgive them.  The pain from all the trauma I went through has been unbearable.  I was a homeless street kid in 1968/69, was rescued by christians from a pimp, and raised my child alone, but now I know both me and my daughter are of great value to God.  You are right, the start of getting where I need to be is knowing who I really am.  I am not my past. I am not what I experienced, I am His daughter. I get it now. Cant wait for the next session.  This is what I needed.  I am even ready to let the shame go.

What You Get With The Workshop

Lifetime access to the recordings of the God First Process Workshop

A Student Workbook

MP3 Audio downloadable files for your phone to take with you where you want and not have to burn any data. 

Your Presenter

Greg Kurjata has developed the God First Process over the last number of decades. Thousands of people have been impacted by the concepts that this workshop will reveal to you. It all started when Greg asked God what He thought of him. God said, "I think you are wonderful." It was the investigation of, and the discovery of that reality that is the genesis of the God First Process.