"Many Of The Problems In Your Life Can Be Solved By A Ruling From The Court Of Heaven"

A Ruling From God In Your Favour Changes Everything.
Luke 18:1-8

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The JCH Online Community is made up of people from all types of backgrounds and denominations. They are passionate followers of Jesus who want nothing more than to help people to discover and passionately follow Jesus.

Through live online broadcasts, a monthly 5 Day Salvation Challenges, courses and workshops, we share the message that God has embedded within our hearts. We hope you are blessed by what we are creating.

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JCH Online Video Course

Justice and the Courts of Heaven (JCH) is a powerful online course that is easy to understand. It provides results focussed and practical step by step instructions on what you need to know about the Courts of Heaven. 


5 Day Salvation Challenge

If you have loved ones that don't know Jesus yet, then you will want to join this 5 day challenge. You will be equipped to effectively pray for your loved ones in the Courts of Heaven for their salvation. Thousands have been saved already.


Free Ebook

How To Do Spiritual Warfare The Right Way is a FREE Ebook that will show you a better way to win the battle against the Adversary. Too often believers learn just enough about it to get themselves into serious trouble.  Learn the right way.


JCH Online Broadcasts

Join Greg and Val most every Thursday and Sunday at 3:00 PM MDT for a time of teaching, activations and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Many lives have been transformed by encounters with Holy Spirit in the heavenly realms. 

Broadcasts are live on YouTube and Facebook


Book A Session With
Greg & Val

We found there are 2 basic reasons why people seek one on one time with us: 

  1. Their situation is urgent and they need help as soon as is possible,
  2. They know about the Courts of Heaven, have been trying to get things functioning properly,...

The God First Workshop

If you still struggle with the fallout of a dysfunctional childhood environment, or with the shame, guilt and condemnation of legalism, and you want the freedom that the love of God brings without it taking another 10 years to accomplish, then this workshop can help you get there.