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Most Of The Problems You Face, Especially If There Is Injustice Involved, Can Likely Be Solved With A Ruling From The Courts of Heaven.

Jesus mentioned this when He was teaching his disciples one day... "The Father Will Rule In Your Favour And Quickly." (Luke 18:8)

 The JCH Online Video Course was designed with you in mind.

The last thing you need is something complicated and difficult to understand.

What you need, is a step by step process that shows you in plain and simple language, how to successfully obtain and execute rulings from the Courts of Heaven.

Now it doesn't matter what kind of problem you're dealing with right now. We've seen the Lord help people - just like you - with rulings that have given them results like this: 

  • Their loved ones have been saved, (like several thousand participants in our 5 Day Salvation Challenge) and this is after they had prayed for them over and over again - sometimes for decades. They're happier now that their loved ones are walking with Jesus. You'll learn how and why you can do this too.
  • They received healing, including creative miracles. (like Nkhensani who was healed of an issue of blood, or Char who was healed of cancer). Even diseases like mental illness, congenital birth defects, diabetes, gut issues, chronic pain from accidents that happened years ago... having their life back to normal has been the greatest blessing. Having your life back to normal is what matters right now - our course will help you to get you on the right path.
  • Finances - so many financial issues LOL. Inheritances restored, money repaid, back wages recovered, businesses prospered and so much more. Peace of mind will become your new comfort zone when this is functioning in your life - even if you have tried and failed many times at trying to trust the Lord for provision. A ruling from the Court of Heaven changes the rules of the game.
  • Relationships were restored. They told us about how much nicer it was to not be fighting anymore. How nice it was to enjoy being together again without barriers between them. If you want this for yourself - it's here waiting for you.
  • Injustices were settled once for all time. She said that she finally felt vindicated! She had suffered sexual and physical abuse as a child and never felt like anyone heard her or stood up for her. "After all these years - I feel like God has finally vindicated me and I feel at peace in my heart." Her face was beaming with joy. This can happen to you too, because you are God's favourite.
  • Legal battles have been stopped or avoided. We even had one time when the case was before the courts and it did a full 180 in the favor of the person who went into the Court of Heaven for justice from the Lord. Can you imagine how happy they were? You'll sleep better at night if this were to happen for you.
  • Generational curses and oaths have been broken and people were delivered. You'll learn how to legally deal with things like this to help yourself and other people the Lord will bring into your life. You'll never feel powerless again.
  • and so much more 

Maybe your situation is on this list.

Whatever the case may be, the power that is available to you through the Courts of Heaven cannot be ignored. 

The solution to your problem is a ruling from the court of heaven for your specific situation

You'll enjoy learning all about the Courts of Heaven. You'll feel empowered, equipped and spiritually educated with the easy to understand step by step instruction. 

Here's What's Included:

  • over 14 hours of easy to understand, step by step instruction in 54 videos about the courts of heaven. Learn at your own pace and and not get overwhelmed by technicalities.
  • downloadable PDF and MP3 audio files so you can be mobile and not have to burn up your data when you want to listen to the lessons on the go. 
  • full email support for all your questions so you can feel confident that you're doing things the right way.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  1. Resolve Conflict Streaming Workshop - $37 Value
  2. Withdraw Judgments Prayer Guide and Template - $20 Value
  3. Injustice Locator Worksheet - $27 Value
  4. Make Room For The Holy Spirit - 2 MP3 Set - $20 Value
  5. How To Keep What You Receive - 2 MP3 Set - $20 Value
  6. 4 Curated JCH Online Broadcast Videos - $77 Value

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What People Are Saying:

I am a student and found this course life changing for me, because you get to keep the course and listen to it whenever. When I travel I play it, at work, I've gone up into the courts of heaven so much with all my children's father, friends, stand in the gap for people. Now I'm showing some of my Christian friends and relationships are growing.

Christina O.

Woa Woa - in writing down each of the above Course Overview in my Exercise Book, 12-20 minutes each segment = work in this course is well & truly ‘cut out’. Well, I’m here to hear, learn, and activate, so I’m ready! So, I’ll get strapped in for this Ride! I’m Ready when you are Team Kurjata! Thank you for the discount being offered to enable me to enrol. I’ve wanted to enrol for the longest time. I just can’t believe ‘I’m IN!’! Truly blessed. Thank you Yeshua!

F. S.

Yes! The course helped explain so much! I had "found myself" in the heavenly realm previously, but this helped me put this in the context of scripture and helped explain what I was experiencing. I didn't know anyone else who was talking about and had a lot of questions. This course was like a huge drink of water I had been looking for , for a long time!

Course Student

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With this intensive you receive: 

  • The video recordings of all the sessions to watch and review as much as you want to, whenever you want.
  • Downloadable MP3 audios to load onto your phone and listen any time anywhere
  • Downloadable Workbooks for each session to organize your ahah moments
  • (Coming soon) Activations and Affirmation Tools - PDF's, Videos, And MP3 Audio to support the course materials
  • PLUS: A monthly Q&A on Zoom - you'll be part of a community of like minded people on the same journey as you.
  • Videos of the Q&A's so you can catch up if you happen to miss any of the sessions

Your Transformation Awaits You

Transformation often happens at the most ordinary times. This intensive could be your defining moment that sets you on a path of joy, peace and most of all love. 

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