How To Do Spiritual Warfare The Right Way e-Book

What You'll Learn In This Book Will Put Power Within Your Reach That Will Protect You And The People You Love

What you'll learn:

  • how praying in the court of heaven defeats the adversary legally so he has no chance of doing ANYTHING against you. Having peace all the time will become your new reality!
  • the number one thing you need to do BEFORE you go into the court of heaven to do anything - missing this could cause some serious problems for you
  • how the spiritual realm functions and how you can be successful in your prayers by knowing and doing a few simple things. This will remove the mystery of what happens in the unseen realm and enable you to enjoy the love and presence of God at a whole new level.

Defining moments can happen at the most ordinary of times. This could be one of yours. You'll thank yourself the next time that you pray and intercede.


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 Listen Anywhere:

  • In your car, walking on a trail, sitting on a bus, riding your bike, skiing down the slopes, brushing your teeth, riding a horse... seriously anywhere.
  • Download the files to your smart phone and computer to save on your data and gain full mobility
  • Turn low priority times of your day into high priority times by listening to the word of God being taught in the anointing of the Spirit. There's nothing like a revelation from the Spirit of God to inspire your day.

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