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  • If They Have Walked Away From The Lord,

  • Or You Have Never Seriously Prayed For Them Before

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In 5 Days Of Holy Spirit Inspired Training, You'll Discover An Exciting New Way To Pray For Your Loved Ones To Come To Jesus. 

Discover How To Legally Stop The Adversary

Did you know that as long as your loved ones mind is blinded they can't even respond to the good news of Jesus?

Learn the #1 way the adversary blinds your loved ones mind to Jesus and His good news, and how you can legally stop him. (Day 1 & 2)

Once their eyes are open, they can turn to Jesus! (Acts 26:18)

Do This And Your Heart Will Change - Permanently

Did you know that judgments against someone you are trying to pray for hinders your prayers?

Discover how to remove judgments you may have made in an easy to understand manner.  

Do this, and your heart will change toward them, and your compassion towards them will flow freely. (Luke 6:36-38)

No More Delay... God Is Moving

Did you know that God will rule in your favour and quickly when you make a petition before His heavenly throne? (Luke 18:7 CJB)

Discover how to partner with God's plan for your family by interceding for them in the courts of heaven. (Rev 4, 5 and 6)

You have access to the throne of God where He presides as Judge of everyone. (Revelation 4; Heb 12:23)

You Are Never Alone

Over 119,000 people from around the world have seen their families, friends and neighbours come to Jesus through what they learned in the 5DSC.

If you join us, your loved ones could be next.

One more thing: If you can't join the live sessions, the videos will be available to view for free until Sunday PM. So you won't miss a thing!  

Over 119,000 passionate followers of Jesus have taken this challenge. Thousands of their loved ones have come to Jesus over the past two plus years. Yours could be next!

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Greg & Val Kurjata​

 "We're looking forward to connecting with you in this upcoming 5 Day Salvation Challenge. We want to take a second to tell you a bit about us.

We believe part of our life mission is to persuade people everywhere that God is predictably good, that He loves them, and that they are more powerful, capable and effective than they realize.

We've been involved in every aspect of church life you can name, and are so excited about what God has done through the 5 Day Salvation Challenge. Thousands of salvations have happened, and thousands lives have been transformed.

We've founded the JCH Online Community which is an online platform that covers various social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. In this community we provide resources like online courses and trainings in various areas like the Courts of Heaven with the focus of transforming people's lives.

 We're excited that you're checking out the 5 Day Salvation Challenge. It's evidence of your response to our heavenly Father as He calls for people to intercede for His lost children.

Join today. You'll be glad that you did.

In Just 5 Days The Holy Spirit Will Show You This Way Of Praying And You Will Know Exactly How To Pray For Your Lost Loved Ones.

Like we said earlier, the end goal is for you to confidently make your petition in the Courts of Heaven for your family and friends to be saved. Don't worry, it's easier to do than what you may think. Each day will build on the next until you are fully equipped and confident to make YOUR OWN petition in the Courts of Heaven! More details are below...

Blinded Minds

It's like pulling back a curtain and getting to see what's really going on in the invisible world. You'll learn what it means to open someones eyes - like Paul the Apostle was told to do by Jesus in Acts 26:18. You'll discover how the adversary or anitdikos (greek word for adversary) uses legal ways to keep your loved one bound. Plus a justice prayer template that caused a powerful result in ancient bible days.

Stumbling Blocks

It's not that they don't want to, they simply can't respond to Jesus if their eyes and mind are blinded. This is the main reason why what you have done so far has not worked. You will learn how to remove things like stumbling blocks, offences, pits, traps and snares from their lives - legally through the Courts of Heaven. Then suddenly, they will be able to respond to Jesus because of what you have done for them. Like I've said, you are the key to their salvation.

Withdraw Judgments

Sometimes it's the issues in your own heart towards the person you are trying to pray for that often sabotages your success. This is what you will be faced with on Day 3... your own heart attitudes towards the people you will be praying for. We will be doing an activation in the heavenly court for this very thing - to withdraw judgments you have made against others. I promise you - it will change your life.

Seeds Of Destiny

Psalms 139:16 reveals that God has written a book about you. All of your days are in it. The same is true for your family and friends. They each have a God written book about them. Inside that book are the seeds of destiny that need to be released, planted and watered. You'll learn the process of how to do that via an activation in the heavenly realms on Day 4. Encouraging? You bet it is. 

Present Your Case

Day 5 is the big day. This is the day that you will experience presenting your petition in the Courts of Heaven for the salvation of your loved ones. We will be there with you to guide the process, so don't worry about making a mistake. God is happy that SOMEONE is standing in His Court asking for the exact thing that is His personal passion - salvation to be claimed and enjoyed. Then be prepared to be amazed at what God does. This is when He shows off how good, kind and compassionate He is in the lives of the people you have prayed for.

During The Challenge There Are 3 Prize Giveaways!


If you win, you get VIP Access for the current 5DSC. The Zoom Small Group happens on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for teaching, testimonies, activations and encounters. It is a life transforming event that can move you to the next level in your walk with the Holy Spirit.


If you win this prize you will have a One on One Session with Greg. In this session you will find the core issues that need justice and be taken into the court of heaven. It is a profoundly powerful time in the heavenly realm.  

FRIDAY PRIZE: $1,164 USD Value

If you win this, you become a heavenly party starter because this is what the 5DSC Partnership Program is all about... winning people to Jesus. Angels celebrate in heaven whenever this happens. The Partnership Program is a community of passionate followers of Jesus who want to use their finances to help the 5DSC Community to win souls for God.

Overcome The Obstacles That Have Held You Back

You're not alone in your struggle to pray for salvation for people you love. Here's a common list of problems people often have and how the 5DSC can solve them. 

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