God's Power Has Already Given You EVERYTHING You Need For LIFE and GODLINESS - Discover How To Make The Most Of What You Have Received From Heaven!

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8 Week Course Recorded Live On Zoom With Greg & Val

"You will discover the way you were designed by God to create and function as a spiritual being in a physical body. Your capacity for growth can be predictable and quantifiable when you know how things work in the heavenly realm."

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In-depth Training On How You Function As A Redeemed Spiritual Being

Your potential can be tapped into when you align with how you are created by God to function. You can end the tyranny of delays and hope deferred.

Overcome Limiting Ideas And Beliefs That Don't Serve You Anymore

Rid your life of old beliefs and ideas and adopt new ones that align with the heart of God. This will unleash your potential into the possibilities of co-creating with God.

Build Practical Frameworks For Creative Growth And Expansion

You will create the new reality in detail in each of the key areas of your life: spiritual, mental, physical, family, career, financial, social etc.

Advanced New Reality Course

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Your Presenter: Greg Kurjata

Greg has developed this course with the goal of transformation in all the Key Life Areas (KLA) that you enjoy. He is an author and communicator and has a way of being able to explain top shelf ideas in bottom shelf language that is easy to understand and apply.