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When YOU Love Yourself With The Same Intensity, For The Same Reasons, And On The Same Terms As God Loves You, Then You Will Feel HIS LOVE Every Single Day. We Show You How To Get There.

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With this intensive you receive: 

  • The video recordings of all the sessions to watch and review as much as you want to, whenever you want.
  • Downloadable MP3 audios to load onto your phone and listen any time anywhere
  • Downloadable Workbooks for each session to organize your ahah moments
  • (Coming soon) Activations and Affirmation Tools - PDF's, Videos, And MP3 Audio to support the course materials
  • PLUS: A monthly Q&A on Zoom - you'll be part of a community of like minded people on the same journey as you.
  • Videos of the Q&A's so you can catch up if you happen to miss any of the sessions

Your Transformation Awaits You

Transformation often happens at the most ordinary times. This intensive could be your defining moment that sets you on a path of joy, peace and most of all love. 

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Build A New Comfort Zone VIP

Review And Repetition Is A Path To The Knowledge And Understanding Required For Mastery Of An Idea. It Builds Faith.

Getting The VIP Will Give You Several Things

Here they are:

  • Connection in a community. When you find people who are as passionate about life as you are, you feel connected.
  • A Zoom link to the Small Group. You will join other VIPs for 3 powerful live sessions with Greg. BTW - you get the videos for these sessions as well
  • Online streaming video. Every session of the 3DCZC can be reviewed to remind you of your aha moments
  • Downloadable MP3 Audio and PDF Slides. You can put the MP3's on your phone or device and review the info without burning your data plan on the go.

You'll receive the login link right to your email inbox right after you hit COMPLETE MY PURCHASE. 

Zoom links are sent 45-minutes before the session starts. So if you don't see it after purchasing, don't panic! The meeting will open at 5:00pm Mountain Time. 

If you don't receive your Zoom link by 4:45pm MT, email support.




Below we have the instructions listed, for those who purchased the March 3DCZ VIP.  With that being said, May 2024 will be the final LIVE/FREE 3 Day Build a New Comfort Zone Challenge. This means, there will not be a Carry Forward link for any purchases of the May 2024 VIP - 3 Day Build a New Comfort Zone Challenge.


We have something called a “carry forward” date for the VIP.  The VIP is Month Specific, which means if you purchase March VIP, you’ll get only March 3DCZ Recordings/Content.   With that said, If you purchase from Thursday or on, you’ll get not just March 3DCZ recordings, but also added to the list in May to receive the Live Zoom Link for the VIP Sessions! 

Now, this is where the “Month Specific” term comes in.  It means where you’ll receive May’s VIP Zoom link, the May 3DCZ Recordings are NOT included with purchase, as March VIP is what was purchased.

We do this on Thursday, because by then if you’re purchasing VIP you’ve already missed 2 of the live sessions. We want you to have the Live Experience, so we grant you access to the Live Zoom session the next month as a bonus!