Greg and Val Kurjata

The topic of Justice and the Courts of Heaven found us.

When I (Greg) had the first encounter with the Holy Spirit in the courts, I realized that it was going to direct our lives for years to come. The reason I say that is because of how deeply impacted my life was after the experience. It seemed that the message found us, because we were definitely not looking for it.

Since that first encounter, I realized quickly that I needed to fully test the information to be completely sure that it not only held water on a scriptural basis, but that the actions I would take in the courts would produce results. Not coincidental results either, but real, tangible and measurable results that could be directly connected with something that I did through acting on what I was discovering in the Word about Justice and the Courts of Heaven.

As I shared these experiences with Val, she began to have her own encounters with heaven’s courts and developed insights that have produced measurable results over the years in hundreds of peoples lives.

The bottom line is, this message is a treasure hidden in plain sight that I believe the Holy Spirit is emphasizing through different people around the world. We are excited about that and welcome the justice of God on the earth in every form and manifestation available.

Now a little about us…

We have been involved in various levels of ministry all of our 30 plus years of marriage. Everything from small group leaders, worship leaders, youth pastors, associate pastors, lead pastors, and itinerate ministers.  We have two lovely young adult daughters who love God, themselves, us, each other and every person they meet. We are also business people and have several companies in manufacturing, publishing, and consulting.  We are passionate about teaching the kingdom of heaven, and are honoured to serve you as well.