Become A Heavenly Party Starter By Joining The Salvation Challenge Partnership Program.

Dear Salvation Challenger;

Did you know that there's a huge party going on in heaven every time someone comes to Jesus? Jesus said that the angels of God get their party on when someone gives their heart to the Lord. (Luke 15:10 - my paraphrase)

You have the opportunity to be a 'Party Starter' by supporting evangelism through the 5DSC Partnership Program.

This is where it all started... (cue the soft music as the camera switches to a story book)

Once upon a time, not so long ago, one of our community members told us...

"I want to support evangelism in a bigger way."  Then she said, "I'm going to take a portion of my donation money I have set aside for Jesus, and use it to buy 5DSC VIP access each month."

We were blessed to hear that and impressed by her innovation.

What she didn't know was that each time she did this about 53 people joined the challenge for free. (Here's the math - imagine a whiteboard with numbers appearing on it)

The VIP is $77 USD and it costs us about $1.44 in Facebook Ad investment to persuade one person to join the Challenge. I'm guessing you saw one of those ads.

Now, what we know for certain is this: one is never just one, meaning, you have prayed for more than one person because of the 5DSC right? I'm pretty sure we could safely say that at least 10 people are prayed for, over time, when one person participates in the 5DSC. 

For every VIP purchased, around 530 people are prayed for. That's pretty exciting. 

Of course, once the prayers are prayed, good news seeds need to be sown and Holy Spirit goes to work to bring them to Jesus. As a result of the prayers and the actions of believers and the Holy Spirit, thousands of people have come to Jesus since we began the monthly 5 Day Salvation Challenge.

Now, her action AND intention gave us an idea.

What if other community members felt the same way about supporting evangelism in a bigger way? What if we were able to create some amazing benefits if they did this on a monthly basis?

Benefits like: 

  •  supporting evangelism around the world through the 5DSC and other missionary projects that the JCH Online Community is involved in
  • discounts on all the products in the JCH Online Store
  • "First In Line" for new product release, event access, and even preferred seating at live events.
  • At Elite Ambassador - monthly VIP access PLUS a 'Buddy Pass' to bring a friend with you to VIP.
  • Live event meet and greet with Greg and Val
  • 'Greenroom Access' for special live online events. Get behind the scenes access to Greg and Val and their special guest speakers.
  • and more... 

You can change the world right from where you are by investing some of your donation dollars in the work of evangelism.

Here's What To Do Next:

What you should be asking is, "Do I have peace about this idea and opportunity to support evangelism in this way?". The last thing we want is for you to feel 'guilted' into participating, or for you to feel like you 'have to' do this.

You don't.

ONLY take action if you have peace AND you genuinely want to do it. Then you'll be blessed in doing it.

Try this:

  1. Ask the Father what He thinks about this for you.
  2. Check with Jesus to see if compassion is flowing this way for you life at this time
  3. Ask Holy Spirit how to do it, even to trust God for the increase to make it possible.
  4. Do whatever the Lord shares with you.

 Now, IF the Lord gives you the green light, then the next decision is to decide which level of partnership to select. Look below and see 3 choices.

We have 3 different price points which provide something for everyone who wants to participate - $17 USD, $37 USD, & $97 USD. Of course all of the perks are loaded up at the $97 level as we would love to have more folks there. Pray about joining at this level. God will provide what is needed.

You can cancel any time and stay as long as you want. The payment will happen automatically each month.

We would love for you to join this Partnership Program as we know one day, we will see over a million people part of the 5DSC and millions more in the kingdom of heaven as a result of this.

If you don't join, it doesn't change anything between us.

We will continue to love you, pray for you and celebrate you. AND If no one joined, we are still doing the 5 Day Salvation Challenge every month, and we will still reach millions of people. This partnership is a way to participate more fully in the blessings and rewards of seeing people come to Jesus.

Plus, it's going to be fun.

Thanks for reading this.


Greg and Val and the JCH Online Team

You'll Be Helping People To Discover Jesus

As the 5DSC continues to be offered for FREE, you'll share in every single reward available for every salvation that happens as a result of joining the Salvation Challenge Partnership Program.

You'll Get Special Gifts And Perks

From great discounts in the JCH Store, to being first in line for new releases of courses, workshops and academies, to special events just for you, you'll enjoy the privileges of membership.

You Get An Enhanced Experience When You Join

Because you will be helping to spread the gospel, you will be treated to a number of awesome and hopefully rewarding experiences. You will have greater access to Greg and Val and a chance to get 'behind the scenes' at both online and live events.


$17 USD /Month

The Advocate Gift List

  • Support evangelism across the globe
  • 10% discount in the store
  • Access to Special event Live Q&A
  • Pre release access to all new courses, workshops and academies for even better discounts

Elite Ambassador

$97 USD /Month

Elite Ambassador Gift List

  • Support evangelism across the globe
  • 30% discount in the store
  • Access to Special Event Live Q&A
  • Pre release access to all new courses, workshops and academies
  • Live worship events exclusive access
  • Heavenly Realm Workshop
  • 5DSC VIP access whenever you want
  • VIP Access Buddy Pass - bring a friend with you to VIP
  • Surprise events with special guests
  • Online Greenroom access
  • Live Event Meet and Greet with Greg and Val


$37 USD /Month

The Advocate Gift List

  • Support evangelism across the globe
  • 20% discount in the store
  • Access to Special event Live Q&A
  • Pre release access to all new courses, workshops and academies
  • Live worship events exclusive access
  • Heavenly Realm Workshop