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You Get To Experience The Power And Glory Of The Holy Spirit In A Fresh Way, And Do Good At The Same Time!

Here's WHY - When You Get The VIP, 50 - 60 People Are Able To Take The Challenge For FREE, Which Potentially Translates To 600+ People Being Prayed For In The Courts Of Heaven Over A Period Of Time. 

AND... you get lifetime access to all the 5DSC and VIP videos, MP3 Audios and PDF Slides and Notes

You Don't Want To Miss Out On The VIP Experience!

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Here's Everything You Have Access To When You Take The VIP Experience

3 LIVE Bonus Sessions On Zoom That Could Transform Your Life

You may have longterm problems that have not been solved or overcome yet. The VIP Sessions will systematically provide you with process and mechanism to finally get some results in those areas.

  • You'll learn about agreements and how to break bad ones and make good ones in the kingdom.
  • You'll be shown how to function in the heavenly realm while still in your physical body - and we go into the heavenly realm this session.
  • On Thursday we do what we call 'The File Prayer' and deal with generational curses, blood oaths, vows, traumas and more. Then we get justice and freedom for your life during this prayer time. Many have experienced deliverance, healing, and freedom from issues they inherited from previous generations. 

Lifetime Access To The Daily Live 5DSC Videos

Every day the videos will be uploaded to the platform where you will be given access via a link with a login/password.  When you purchase the VIP Experience you will receive the  link mentioned, providing immediate access. There is a video on that platform that explains what will be happening with the videos on a day to day basis.

PLUS - Downloadable Materials. 

You will receive:

  • MP3 Audio files to load onto your smart phone so you can listen while doing other things like running errands, and not have to use your data
  • Full set of slides from the live daily sessions so you can easily follow along with the content, or print them off and make notes on them.
  • Worksheets from each day - I have a saying, "Don't just think it - INK IT" It's when you engage with the process that transformation occurs.

You Will Be Able To Review The Material Over And Over Again. 

Make the videos a part of your daily devotionals until they become part of your everyday thinking. Load the audios onto your phone and listen when walking, driving or sitting in a coffee shop.

"I really felt so much peace..."

"I recently purchased the June23 VIP videos and was so very blessed. Val, your explanation of how you pray in tongues after saying a phrase in English really resonated with me. Whenever I would pray in the past, I really didn't understand what I was doing or why. It just seemed like a random exercise to me. (Being honest.) But now, it makes perfect sense the way you explained it. Thank you so much.

And Greg, after the 'File Prayer' on day 3 of the video, I really felt so much more peaceful. It's been a couple of days since I prayed it with you and the peace remains. Hallelujah!"

Feel Good About Supporting Global Evangelism While Experiencing The Power Of God For Yourself.

Only $77 USD

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We have something called a “carry forward” date for the VIP.  The VIP is Month Specific, which means if you purchase May VIP, you’ll get only May 5DSC Recordings/Content.   However! If you purchase from Wednesday May 24th or on, you’ll get not just May 5DSC recordings, but also added to the list in June to receive the Live Zoom Link for the VIP Sessions!   Now, this is where the “Month Specific” term comes in.  It means where you’ll receive June’s VIP Zoom link, you won’t get June 5DSC Recordings, as May is what was purchased. 

We do this on Wednesday, because by then if you’re purchasing VIP you’ve already missed 2 of the live sessions. We want you to have the Live Experience, so we grant you access to the Live Zoom session the next month as a bonus!